Here at The Berliner Döner Kebab, we serve a German style Turkish street food called a döner (doo – nah). Our meat roasts are marinated in our own house marinade and hand made daily. We also feature house made sauces - creamy and tasty yet nutritious and low in fat - fresh ingredients and custom baked fladenbrot from Mario’s Bakery. Come and visit our friendly staff and have a fresh, healthy and delicious döner!

The Berliner Döner Kebab is locally owned and operated by a Seattle native but has an intercontinental story.  One day, not too long ago, the Seattlite traveled across the ocean to Thailand where he met his current wife who is German. They had many adventures in this far away land called “Thailand”. The Seattlite would continue his adventures in another far away land called “Germany” where he would court the German fair maiden. Back and forth they traveled together in magical machines called “airplanes” and finding great happiness and love and breaking the evil spells of “The Down Economy” and “Jet Lag”. The fair maiden brought great inspiration and introduced to the Seattlite a döner.  

Many döners were eaten by the Seattlite (as well as many currywursts) and many döners were indeed tasty. But one particular döner - named Mustafa Döner of Mehringdamm Kruezberg – spoke to the Seattleite. It said “Victor, you must open a döner place in Seattle, now eat me!”. And so, the Seattleite ate Mustafa Döner of Mehringdamm Kreuzberg and opened a döner place in Seattle (two actually). And everyone lived happily ever after, except for Mustafa Döner of Mehringdamm Kreuzberg because he’s dead. THE END

...and every word in this story is absolutely true.

221 1st Ave S
(206) 838-0339
428 Westlake Ave
 (206) 838-5032